Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adobe Sol on 1000Markets

When I think of my home in the southwest, I think of AdobeSol Desgins of 1000Markets! Located in Corrales, New Mexico, which I think is now considered a suburb of my hometown, Albuquerque, Rebecca has shown herself to be a fantastic metal artist and designer, not only using the southwestern theme, but the soul of metal that she captures in her art. I don't think that many more words will be necessary to show her fabulous gift with metal and jewelry design.

This piece is stunning! She captures the beauty and romance of the southwest, and she lets the inner beauty of the metal she works with highlight the design of this necklace. Wow! This amazing work of art is called "Caged Turquoise."

This piece is aptly named "Desert Sunset Pin Brooch." Isn't this jaw dropping gorgeous! What a fabulous work of wearable art.

This work of art is called "Twigs n Reeds." I don't think I need to say more. You can just admire this work of art.

As always, my favorite is saved for last. This amazing work of art is aptly called Silver Swirls Egyptian Coil Bracelet. Amazing!

Remember to check out Adobe Sol Designs on 1000Markets. You won't be disappointed.

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AdobeSol said...


WoW!! I am so honored to be featured in your fabulous blog! You articulate so well and create a downright interesting article.

You are a magnificent lampworker/artist with an eye for color and compliment.

I have done business with you and chatted with you as a friend. All I can say is that I believe you to be one of the most honest, thoughtful and talented folks in the online market.

Thank you!