Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Information Shared - Tutorials

A new trend has developed in the lampwork community,
and that is the sharing of information
that are sold to members of the lampworking community.
I've bought my fair share of these tutorials!
I feel it is a wonderful means to share information on techniques,
especially when classes are not always available
for the buyer.
Most of the tutorials are very reasonably priced.
They usually run between $15 and $20.
There are a few out there that are as high as $100.
I can't afford those.
I made this mushroom using a tutorial by Mary Moth.
It's a fabulous tutorial, and I don't regret buying it at all.
I learned a lot of things by using this tutorial.
It's a great source of information for me.

Mary also developed a bird tutorial.
This tutorial is also an excellent one!

Here's a bird I made using Jen Geldard's bird tutorial.
I've spent a lot of money on tutorials, because I find them to be great resources of
with all the tutorials I've bought,
I've spent a little over the amount I would spend for a single class.
Ask me,
Do you like tutorials that are sold to the buying public?
Yes, I do.
Will you buy more tutorials?
Yes, I will.
In spite of the fact that these tutorials are sold and not shared without cost,
do you still consider them to be a
legitimate way to share information?
Most definitely.



good morn rosebud101,

we think they are great...

not everyone can get out to go to a class ... Jessi the one on the far right has taught herself using online tutorials... most of them she has found for free ... the lampwork community of gals love to share .. that is the joy of being involved with all of you..

all our love
mona & the gaffer girls

rosebud101 said...

I agree with you, Mona! I do believe that we are all meant to share. It's part of what we do.