Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Contest!

Now, how fun is this?
Thanks to Marcy Lamberson of
Studio Marcy,
Marcy's awesome blog,
I learned of Mary Lockwood's
Glass Olympics.
has links to other contests there on this page.
Thank you, Marcy.
Now, I looked at the entries already posted there,
and I honestly think that the winner was there before I posted.
When you look, you'll know who I mean.
Just click on the thumbnails at the bottom of the page to see the entries.
Mary states her criteria for judging.
So, please, comment on the photos there.
You can comment on mine, too, but, truly, I don't expect to win.
This was just a great opportunity to have some fun.
Here's what I entered.
I call this one "Spring Bone."
This was just fun to make and an opportunity to use a little tongue in cheek in lampworking.

I call this one Cupcakes in a PeaPod.
This was also a fun bead to make.
I hope to have it put into my Etsy store tomorrow or the next day.
Like I said,
the winner was there before I posted.
Check it out.
I do know who I will vote for.
I think I know who you will vote for, too.
It's okay.
She did a fabulous job!
I love kites, too!

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