Friday, March 20, 2009

At last, Spring is Here!

If you are reading this before 6:44 AM CST, you must realized that spring has not yet arrived, and winter is still here.
Then, at 6:44 AM CST,
Spring will burst out in Southern Minnesota!
It's been a long, cold winter.
What amazed me, this year,
is that so many robins stayed. There were huge flocks of them around.
They must like the cold weather we had!
Now, when I look, I see robins with twigs in their mouths.
I see mama robins waddling around as their eggs grow inside of them.
The crows are here in force.
The twigs they carry for their nests are more like branches.
The snow is finally melted.
Today, I looked in my back yard, and, you know what? I saw stubbles of green grass on the lawn.
There's not a lot yet, but it's almost there.
Take a look at this photo. I don't know if you can tell, but there are teeny, tiny bits of green showing.

It's barely there, but, it's there!

Look at these bare tree branches. Do you see the little tiny nubs at the end of the each branch? Yes, the tree is beginning to bud!
Our temperatures have become, almost over night, more mild.
Our days are brighter.
I can hardly wait!
Spring is finally here!


angelinabeadalina said...

14 minutes to go, and counting!! I'm so ready for this :) Glad you are already seeing the signs way up north, too!

Louise said...

I can hardly wait either Mallory, every time I go out I'm desperately seeking signs that something's alive out there!