Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes, you just have to call it what it is.....

If I stood out in the rain and got soaked, I'd call myself WET.

If I lay in the sun way too long, I'd call myself BURNT.

If I walked into a wall because I wasn't looking where I was going, I'd call myself TOOPID.

If I dropped a hammer on my foot, I'd call myself, HURT.

When I play with colors and shapes and frits, and this is the result, I call the bead

What else can I say?


angelinabeadalina said...

I say, I love your tag words for this post, LOL. I also say that you might have found a pretty red/pink combo for heart beads-- I see a red heart in the pink near the bottom of the bead, and I like that particular red with that pink.

Sue Choppers-Wife / said...

I'd say personable...this is a guy walking around in a dark cloud with love in it's innermost being :)

rosebud101 said...

You guys are so funny! thank you! I needed a pick me up today.

Louise said...

Awww Mallory, I'd say 'Unique' :D

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Best laugh I have had all day. I usually send all of those to my granddaughter...she thinks they are boo-tif-full.