Monday, March 2, 2009


When I joined the lampworking community almost 3 years ago,
I was impressed by the frequency and availability of information that was so willingly shared.
Beadmakers and sculptors in the lampworking community would take the time to help
newbies and the more seasoned bead makers with questions and concerns that were posted in the various lampworking forums.
Information was shared generously.
Today, the atmosphere in the lampworking communities has changed.
Rather than dwell on a negative attitude that has crept into lampworking forums,
I would like to salute beadmakers who continue to share information
The first of these artists I'd like to salute is Marcy Lamberson of Studio Marcy.
If you read Marcy's blog,
you come to realize very quickly how full of information Marcy's blog is.
Marcy has links to other artists.
Marcy has free tutorials.
Marcy has information on marketing your beads.
Marcy has information on everything, and
Marcy shares her information
continuously and generously.
Marcy's Etsy store is full of examples of her work and the lessons she teaches in her blog.
Thank you for all you do to benefit the glass community.
This is Katie the Carhop, and she's in Marcy's store right now.
Another studio I'd like to salute is Seraphim Flameworks.
If you peruse their blog,
you will find
information freely shared from
the colors used in a bead
to the colors used in a twistie.
Seraphim encourages their readers to ask questions,
guess what,
they answer them!
Seraphim has a treasure trove of information about silver glasses with examples of the colors they have been able to develop using these elusive (for me) colors.
Not only can you learn about beads, glass, and beadmaking,
you can also drool at the beads they feature in their blog!
You can also visit their Etsy store
if you want to drool more.
It's worth the trip.

To the beadmakers at Seraphim Flameworks,
thank you for sharing so freely and generously!

I plan to write more blogs on artists who share their information generously.
For now,
this is the start.
There are so many other artists who share freely and generously.
It will take time.
Be patient.
You will meet many more beadmakers in the lampworking communities who share with us


Deb said...

Fabulous post Mallory ....& ain't it just the truth!

These artists have bestowed such a precious gift on us....without be 'precious' about their information!

angelinabeadalina said...

Marcy is definitely one of the most generous and kind lampworkers I've met in my three years so far, too! I've also heard plenty of people remark on the generosity of everyone at Seraphim, too!

Seraphim FlameWorks said...

Thank you for a wonderful, timely post and for including us in a positive light.

There are many more in the lampworking community like Marcy; willing to share liberally of their time and wisdom, asking nothing in return. They are the ones that will withstand the current negative atmosphere and be remembered when the dust settles.


Louise said...

This is so true Mallory! I've had an idea percolating in my mind, I'm going to ask your opinion on ;)

rosebud101 said...

All right, Louise, ask away!