Thursday, March 5, 2009

Freely Sharing Information

There are a lot of resources on the world wide internet which provide information about glass, melting glass, and places to buy glass to melt.
One of my favorite places to be when I look for information,
trust me,
this information is provided freely, willingly, and without reserve,
to visit with friends I have met online is the
Newbie Help and Coffee House
Wet Canvas.
I have met so many wonderful people there,
guess what,
the negativity that has infected other forums
just isn't in this thread.
People actually get along and appreciate each other.
Information is shared freely.
There is no back stabbing or in house fighting.
It simply doesn't happen in this thread.
Here's the link,
if you want to check it out,
I think I'd start at the end.
There are so many posts.
What began as a help line for newbies
has turned into
a place for fun, information, and sharing.
There are very few newbies in this thread.
It's grown beyond that.
There is a lot of positive energy there.
There is a lot fun going on.
Make a visit.
You might decide you would like to stay.
Trust me,
You'd be welcomed.
Here it is:
Newbie Help and Coffee House.
Come for a visit and stay for the day.
I hope to see you there.


Maggie said...

Mallory, The friendships, sharing, caring, and support that go on in that thread are priceless. Thanks for writing up such a wonderful piece about my favorite thread.

Louise said...

My day doesn't feel complete somehow without stopping by to see what everyone is up to, it's certainly my favourite place on the web ;o)

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Mallory, You are absolutely right!! I love WetCanvas, both the Newbies thread in the glass forum and the WIA and S&T threads in Wearable Arts. The people found there are supportive and kind to each other, about the work created by each other, from the first few things you have made to the finest jewelry imaginable. People found there build each other up, support in times of stress, and share the love and joy of creating freely.

You are one of the first people I think of when I try to describe the joy I have found in the Newbies Help and Coffee House. Thanks for posting this.

susanlambert said...

nice to know! Thanks for telling us about it.