Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Exercise in Creative Journaling

Again, you get to see a photo of my creative journal. What you see on this page is the result of an exercise I developed to help me think out of the box. You can try this yourself, or develop your own creative exercise to help your creative juices flow.

What do you see?
Round 1: Answer these questions using only 1 word.

What do you see
1. When you look at a cloud?
2. When you look at a pattern in a fabric?
3. When you look at a pair of shoes?
4. When you open a closed door?
5. When you look at a blade of grass?

Round 2: Answer the same questions using 2 words.

Here are my answers.
1. white
shapeless mass
2. red
blue paisley
3. pointed
black toes
4. clothes
on hangars
5. green
soft point

Round 3. Draw an image using one of your answers. I chose question one for this.
See #1 in the drawing.

Round 4. Change 3 things in the image.
See #2

Round 5. Change 3 more things in the image.
See #3.

Look at that possibilities for that bead! I plan to make a bead based on the changes in the drawing. I will post that later.

See what fun you can have? Try it and share some of your results. I'd love to see them!


Cindy Gimbrone said...

I love this exercise! It can really get your creative juices flowing! Thanks for sharing it and what you've come up with.


Sue Choppers-Wife / said...

Great exercise, Mallory...I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished bead :)

angelinabeadalina said...

I like it! The three changes give you a finite number of changes instead of leaving you hanging in the wind, wandering how much more or less to do.