Monday, August 31, 2009

Day Dreaming - Do You?

I do! I day dream a lot. I find my mind wandering when I walk, talk, and watch TV. I have a hard time listening too audio books because I day dream.

So, big deal, what's so interesting about day dreaming? Well, I found some interesting information when I goggled day dreaming.

At I found the wikipedia definition of day dreaming.

A dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes.

To have dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake.

Is that a probelm? According to WebMD, there are many positive sides to day dreaming. Here's the article. Read through the article to this topic:

Boost creativity and achieve goals.

So, go ahead. Stop and dream. It will improve your day.

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Louise said...

I'm constantly daydreaming Mallory and I agree, I think it's a good thing - I'm spending time focussing on nice things instead of worrying about the bad.