Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm Ready for Change, Almost

The seasons are beginning to change. Right now we are here when summer has matured and is ready to slow down for a much needed nap.

I'm beginning to see the winds of change in the plants outside.

The brown eyed susans are in bloom.

The ragweed cometh. These are all signs that fall is on the way.

Soon the leaves will begin to change color. What a magnificent show we will see then!

The birds will begin to fly south as we prepare for the onset of winter.

Then there is the quiet beauty of the first snowfall.

I don't look forward to the bitter cold, ice and snow of winter, but I am ready for change.


Manuela said...

Ready too, changes are new beginnings ... they are a new chance.

angelinabeadalina said...

Ack! Not ready! Not ready! LOL, seriously, though, I do believe my poor straggling tomato plants are ready to give it up. The hens 'n chicks and their relatives are still growing like crazy, though. Haven't noticed any tree leaves changing just yet, but then this is the Midwest, where it can still be 90 degrees on Trick or Treat night. . .you just never know!

I do like the sentiment of your post, though, Ms M :) Fall has always been my favorite time of year because it meant the start of a new school year. I do love the way the days start to change. Thanks for the reminders of why I like it!