Friday, August 7, 2009

Let's Go Shopping! More of my 10,000 Favorite Etsy Artisans!

Always remember, no matter what, we never walk alone!

As we look at the broad spectrum that is Etsy, there are many more types of handmade goods that are available. In this blog, I want to expand my search of Etsians, but I still have to include the glass goodies!

Let's visit Candice Mathewson's store, Bead Goodies. I love all the goodies in that store! Candice features her handmade lampwork bead sets, and they are amazing! Look at this set made with green and white. Isn't that beautiful? I am so impressed! It is stunning!

Now, I'm off the glass track for a bit. Let's visit the Etsy store owned and operated by Stephanie Vinson. The name of this amazing store is Stephanie K Naturals. In this store, which I can almost smell right now, you will find massage oils, bath salts, natural perfumes! Be sure to visit, and you won't be disappointed. Here's a sample of one of the massage oils you will find in the store.

Be sure to spend a little bit of time browsing. You won't be disappointed.
All right, I can't help myself. It's back to glass. I tried to resist, but resistance is futile!

This stunning bead was made by Gina Marie DeStevens. You can find it in her etsy shop called: GMD Lampwork. Isn't it amazing! The name of the bead is: Spring Blooms. I love it! Be sure to take a bit of time and look around. She has so many beautiful items in her store.

All right, now it's time for another etsy artisan who doesn't melt glass. She makes soap!
Live Laugh Love Soap is a store on Etsy owned and operated by Danielle Weems.

The products carried in this store are natural, vegan products for your home and body. Be sure to take a look around. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Well, I'm worn out now. It's time to rest and relax. Isn't online shopping the best? You can shop in your recliner. Be sure to visit each of these store and let the owners know how great you think their products are, because no matter what, we never walk alone!


Deb said...

Very cool products & some wonderful stores. I'll be sure to have a decent browse tomorrow after work.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I'm in love with these beads!!!