Friday, August 28, 2009

Spike and Alternative Medicine--Acupuncture

As you know, Spike is nearing the end of his life. If the truth be told, today, which is tomorrow when you read this, I almost took him into the vet to "put him to sleep." He wasn't himself. His legs were very wobbly. He seemed to be in pain. I called the vet to make the appointment, then, Spike perked up! The change was remarkable! I called and canceled the appointment. Spike and I went out by his tree. It was almost noon, and we are still outside at 4:50 PM. He loves being by his tree!

Charolette came over and put the acupuncture needles in Spike! I am so amazed that he tolerated them. She put them on both sides of his spine, in his peace center on his forehead, and in one of his paws. Spike didn't flinch or pull away. She told me that animals seem to catch on that this is something that helps them. (The lady in the photo is Charolette.)

This photo isn't the best for showing the needles, but I think you get the idea. Spike was very submissive. I couldn't believe it!

Here's a closeup of the needle in Spike's peace point. He really calmed down after that was inserted.

Can you see the needle that appears to be sticking out of Spike's leg? That's actuall in his right back paw. I was surprised. He didn't move. He didn't try to pull the needles out. He simply accepted them. It seems to be working. He's not where I want him to be yet, but, if he's in less pain, then I am happy.


Jo Hoffacker said...

Hooray for Spike! I hope he keeps feeling better.

kelleysbeads said...

This is incredible, Mallory. When I read that you had called the vet and made that appointment, I started tearing up for you and for Spike. I just hate those appointments.

I really hope that the acupuncture helps him, as well as giving you both more time together!

CreekHiker said...

Mallory, My heart goes out to you and Spike!!! I pray this helps him!

Anonymous said...

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