Saturday, August 22, 2009

It was just one of those days

As I write this, it is today. As you read this it is tomorrow. That almost sounds like an old Chinese proverb. It's not. I am just hoping that as you read this, the day will have been better than today.

Since it was such a bad day today, I decided it might be best to counter each bad thing with something good. Let's get started.

1) My kiln has been broken for 3 days. :(
I've been able to use my non digital kiln. :)

2) However, since the temperature does not seem to be as accurate, :(
I haven't made anything other than spacers and small discs. :)

3) The part I needed for the kiln came today. :)
I forgot to change the part out exactly as the directions said so I had problems. :(

4) The JenKen people were more than willing to help. :)
The good news was that I was almost ready to finish and get it working
again. :)

5) The bad news was that I had to go around town to find some crimps I needed. :(

6) The local hardware store, Mutch Hardware, didn't have the part, :(
but Dave told me to go to an auto store to find it. :)

7) I went to the auto store for the part. :)
They had it. :)

8) I bought the parts. :(
They only cost me $3. :)

9) I put my kiln back together. :)
It didn't work. :(

10) I figure out that one part was in the wrong place. :)
I switched the parts. :)

11) The kiln turned on and started to heat. :)
Then it did the same thing as before. :(
It wouldn't stop heating. :(

12) Tomorrow, I'm going to a house warming party. :)
I'm back to square one with the kiln. :(

13. I have to wait until Monday to get help with the kiln. :(
Spike is having a good day. :)

14) It's almost bedtime. :)

I guess my smiles do outweigh the frowns, but I just wish I didn't have the frowns. Time to relax and forget. Good night.


Sharon Driscoll said...

ahhhhhh, I love you. does that count?

rosebud101 said...

You're so sweet! Thanks, Sharon, it was just a terrible day yesterday!