Sunday, August 2, 2009

All, Please, Help Me with This

With so much negativity flowing through cyberspace, I decided that it was time to stop and take a moment to think about my life and all the goodness in it. I'm actually glad things have happened that are so negative, because those negative things have forced me to stop and say, "Wow! I'm so blessed!"

Please help me finish this thought with your own thoughts.

I'm so grateful:
1) for the time with Spike that I never thought I'd have
2) the gift of a great family
3) my true friends
4) Glass, glass, and more glass
5) my extended family that reaches out into cyberspace.
6) the wonderful artists that I have come to "know" both in person and in cyberspace.
7) a great summer

I honestly could go on and and on, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. For what are you grateful?


Deb said...

Ohhh - that's easy...
I am grateful that

1/Spring is just around the corner & winter has been relatively mild & passed so quickly.
2/ My family are all normal, healthy humans that all have a great capacity for love.....(even if they do drive me a little nuts at times)
3/To live in a country that has a more relaxed pace of life..even if it is so far away from the epicenter of the glass world....
4/True friends that have put up with me & remains true for almost 20 years (ok - so she met me when I was young & stupid enough to instigate the skinny dipping in her pool at one of her parties)
5/Two selfish, stoopid cats that keep me endlessly amused & entertained.
6/ Being born inquisitive & with the need to invent & create.
7/Decent eyesight - & a huge appreciation of colour.
8/Discovering glass & all that it has led too.
9/Friends made online & friend yet to be made.

Most important is Number 10/The Divine Ms M aka Rosebud101 aka Mallory - because she is a rare & precious gem, one that shines enough to make us realize that for every nasty negative person out there, there is always someone that is always sweet, kind & encouraging...who has the knack of lifting others up when she can see they are struggling.

rosebud101 said...

Garsh, Deb, I'm a bit teary eyed. Thank you!

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

I am grateful for so dang many things! Mallory and Deb, your lists cover some of what's in my list. Here are a few more for me:

I am grateful for having been given the ability to "make stuff" using my head, hands, and heart.

I am also grateful for having met and gotten to know the folks in my life who share my love of "making stuff" - folks like Mallory who remind me not to take these precious gifts for granted.

And now, with a big smile on my face, I'm going out to my wet lab to make stuff. :-)

Cindy said...

I'm glad I've missed the negativity you're referring to. Seems like there's been a lot of kindness going around...I'm thankful for
-Summertime! I'm trying to savor every moment of it!
-My family..and a weekend we spent with my Dad here at the beach
-I got one of the slots in Susan Tuttle's upcoming online workshop. I need all the photo editing help I can get!
-All of my new online friends (like you!)...they brighten my day.