Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Caitlin Hyde--Watch her Make a Bead!

If you aren't able to make it to the Austin Blue Moon Glassworks on March 13th and 14th, you will miss an amazing experience! You will miss a class with Caitlin Hyde. You will miss the opportunity to learn how Caitlin makes a bead using a few simple tools and amazing heat control.

I was able to be in Caitlin's class last week in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only did we have a wonderful time, but we were taught by an excellent teacher who could explain to us the why's and how's of what we were doing. We learned about drawing out our designs. We were invited to conference with Caitlin, who, by the way, helped me so much with my beads. Overall, it was an amazing experience for me.

Now, if you can't attend Caitlin's class at the Blue Moon, please watch as she makes a bead.

Caitlin uses very few tools. I think I counted 3 + stringers. She worked primarily in ivory and black. This was such a switch for me who loves to work with many colors.

(Notice the bead she was wearing! I wish you could see it close up.) It was a beautiful picture bead. We made silhouette beads. Wow!

Notice the glow of her bead? That's a part of her amazing heat control. She teaches this technique well.

Here Caitlin has added some basic colors to her bead. You should see this in person!

See how this bead has changed? Wait until you see the end product.

The round bead is now flat, and more is to come.
She teaches you how to make this bead look the way it does. I was truly surprised.

Here, she's adding some dots to the bead. Almost finished!

Wait! This is the tease photo! Where's the finished bead? Well, I have to tell you the truth. I forgot to take a photo of the finished bead. I have to say though, it was amazing!
If you want to see similar beads, be sure to visit Caitlin's website. You will see similar beads, or, if you're in the vicinity of Austin, Texas in March, you could sign up for her class. You will never be disappointed.

Oh, just a tiny bit of information about Caitlin, she's also a knitter. Marcy Lamberson, Caitlin and I went yarn shopping in Atlanta. It was fun! Caitlin was making socks! She chose some cute yarns.

Caitlin, did you finish your socks?


Beadwright said...

Great post!!! Sounds like everyone is having a great time.


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Mallory, great post. And I agree, if there's any way folks can get to Blue Moon for her class, do it. Some of the class evaluations from her students were read at our Board meeting. Talk about rave reviews!