Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nikki Carollo - The Sheep Goddess

I absolutely love Nikki's work! I'd love to walk through her brain as she processes the ideas that become her wonderful beads. Now, you'll notice how small this photo is.---------------------------------------------------->
I'm sorry, but when I tried to hijack bead photos from Ebay, it wouldn't let me. Dang it! However, this sheep is just an example of why Nikki was nicknamed The Sheep Goddess on Ebay. Nikki will tel more of her story in just a minute. (I hate to admit this, but I borrowed the interview from her website.)

Here's part of the interview that I, uh hum, stole, I mean, borrowed.
Nikki makes so many wonderful beads, and I'll show them to you during this, uh hum, interview.
Look at her lizard bead! Wow! ---------------------------------------------->

Who are you, again? Why am I here?
My name is Nikki Carollo, and my favorite obsession is melting glass...

When it all began...
I started making beads in a roundabout way. My father wanted to learn stained glass, so he took a class, then taught me. We both worked on stained glass for about a year, and during trips to the local glass shop, I noticed the glass rods. They were mesmerizing, the colors, and the entire concept of glass work being instantly gratifying - well, I had to try it! I did, in January 2003, and I haven't looked back to my stained glass since...

So tell us about the beads and technique.
I am a lampwork bead artist, which means I make beads individually in the flame by shaping molten glass. I use mainly 104 COE glass and my trusty Hot Head torch hooked up to bulk propane - at least I used my Hot Head until May of 2009. I then switched to an M-15 oxycon and a Minor torch. I feel I have a range of bead styles, from sculptural silliness in sheep, aliens, frogs, and lizards, to sculptural elegance in dragonflies and goddesses. I'm also proud to have accomplished encased florals, which I wanted to do since I saw one.

I love her aliens! -------------------------------------------------->

And the sheep?
I was doing a demo at Artful Hands Studio, one of my homes away from home. At that time I was mainly making cat faces, fish, and plainer focal beads. Someone came up and asked if I could do a sheep. The first one was done as a sheep face - it involved dots and dots and dots, and about halfway through I swore I wouldn't do another. Until I saw how cute it turned out... I think I left with three sheep that night, and I've lost count how many since. An eBay group christened me as The Sheep Goddess - it's a title I proudly use.

Okay, so it's a cat and not a sheep. I still love it----------------------------->

One of the things I most admire about Nikki is her involvement in Beads of Courage.

I am so thrilled to say that I own one of Nikki's gorgeous butterflies! I cherish it, too.

Please read more about Nikki's work for Beads of Courage here. Her dedication to this organization is amazing! Nikki, you are an inspiration! Thank you!


Robyn said...

She use to sell on eBay! Always got outbidded! I love her work.

Beadwright said...

She brings happiness with her art.


Pretty Things said...

The aliens are hilarious! Love them!

rosebud101 said...

Robyn, I think Nikki still sells on Ebay. If you check out her website, you'll find the link.

nikki said...

Thanks for the blog and the comments, I'm touched! (In a good way!) LOL! I update the site and eBay weekly, and put random updates on my Facebook fan page when I think of it. I appreciate your enthusiasm more than I can show.