Saturday, February 6, 2010

My guest Blogger-Ryan the Greyound

Looking at Ryan, you might think he's my beautiful Pixie Marie. I don't know if they're related or not, but he's a gorgeous young man and Pixie thinks he's hot!

Ryan is in foster care right now, and he needs a forever home. His foster parents love him dearly. He has a brother named Bennu. They are good buddies. I think I'll just let Ryan tell his story.

Hi. I’m Ryan the Greyhound. Mallory (Pixie’s mom) invited me to be a guest blogger on this neat blog because she thinks my story is interesting and needs sharing. She’s right. I am very interesting…

I’m a handsome 2-yr-old ex-racing greyhound. My racing name was SK Kid You, and although I never actually ran a race, I was formally trained. I live with my foster brother Bennu and his parents and a lot of cats.

Here’s what you should know about me:
· I like string cheese. A lot.
· I collect cookies throughout the day and secretly eat them after everyone goes to sleep.
· I have big, floppy ears.
· I collect soft, fuzzy things from around the house and stow them in my crate.
· I love snow. And tennis balls.
· I am super-curious about home life.
· I have a few nicknames: Rye Bread, Ri-Ri, Ryan the Lion, Ryanheart and Sweet Rye.
· I like to goose my unsuspecting foster parents. (Giggle.)
· I go Lady GaGa for plain yogurt.
· I have freckles.

I’m shy. I’m gentle. I have such love to give. And I’m up for adoption through Minnesota Greyhound Rescue. You can also follow my adventures on Facebook (Ryan The Greyhound).

Ryan is a sweetie. Even if you're not able to adopt him, tell your friends. Greys make wonderful pets! You've seen my Pixie. Ryan's cool, too!

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Ryan is so handsome. I hope he finds a loving home soon!