Thursday, February 4, 2010

There's No Place Like Gnome

I decided that this spring I wanted learn to make gnomes. Now, if you want to see some really good gnomes, look here at Studio Marcy's Etsy Store. As you can see, Marcy has the gnomes down to a clear science. She's good!

Now, if you look at this gnome------->
you might think "Psycho Gnome." I'd agree with you. Obviously, other than this moment of fame, this gnome will not see the light of day.

This is gnome number 2. As with any skill, particularly with lampworking for me, PPP is the most important thing I can do. PPP = Practice, Practice, Practice. I do think this was a better version of my gnomes. She sort of looks like a college graduate with her mortar board. I think she still needs more work.

Gnome #3 is better, but there's still a ways to go. I thnk her eyes need work. She also needs more detail. If you notice, she has a belly button. What happened here is that another bead "kissed" her. I wasn't able to separate them until they were cooled. The "kiss" left the belly button in gnome #3.

With this practice, I've been able to make a gnome that I feel is better. I still need to work on the eyes. I'm not sure how to correct that. As Oprah says, "It's all in the details." I need to add more and better details. What would you suggest? I love little gnomes! This little girl is the best so far, but I still think I have to PPP. Let me hear your suggestions. I'd really appreciate the feedback.


kelleysbeads said...

I love the eyes on the first gnome. They remind me of the little googly eyes on dolls that move around, depending on which way the doll is held. They make me think this gnome probably shouldn't be trusted, because he's up to know good and you won't know what it is until you turn your back :)

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Hi Mallory, what fun it is to see your improvement so quickly.

If you want more control of the eyes, make much smaller dots and then don't melt them all the way in. slightly flatten them to round them up and let them stay raised. You'll have more control that way. Love what you're doing and can't wait for your visit!

Pretty Things said...

I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt I will ever be able to do figural beads. Not in this lifetime. And right now, anything other than spacers seems impossible.

Speaking of gnomes, I'm going to get one to put in front of my studio door!

Cindy said...

Your little nomes are really cute...looks like you're having fun playing with glass!

Lauren said...

I like bachelor #2! The droopy hat is very cute. And what's this about you visiting Marcy? How fun!