Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Janel Dudley - She likes fire!

Anyone who likes to play with fire is a friend of mine! Janel Dudley not only likes to play with fire, she LOVES to play with fire. Look at this----------------------------->
bicone in Janel's Etsy store. Isn't it beautiful?

Now, I'm going to let Janel talk in just a bit, but before that, I want to give you some links to Janel. Here we go.

Looking for Janel on Facebook? Here's where you can find her.

How about reading Janel's blog?
Here's the link to her blog.

Janel has another blog. This one is very inspirational.

Now, back to Janel's work, and I'm going to let her speak.

Look at these gorgeous beads!

In 1997 I took a beginning bead making class with Deb Crowley. She had shown me the basic how-to’s and told me to explore the glass for the next couple of hours. Ever since then I’ve been making beads according to weather/shop conditions.

I think my inspiration mainly comes from the way colors make me feel. Music is also a huge influence, I often find myself working to the beats of songs. People are also a contribution to the way a bead/beads will look like.

Look at how versatile Janel's skills are!
Meet Lester the fish.
Isn't he a sweetie?

I love eye beads! This one is great!
It's a Flying Eyeball, and it's in Janel's Etsy store.

Isn't she an amazing artist? Be sure to visit her Etsy store. You will
NOT be disappointed!


JanelDudleyBeads said...

Mallory I am honored that you featured me! Thank you so very much a big hugs to you!

CreekHiker said...

I love Janel! She's such a talented lady and a SWEETHEART!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Another Great Profile Mallory! Janel is obviously talented - thank you for sharing her with us.