Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion SaturDay!

Let's go to the beach today! I'm starting to feel the call of spring and SUMMER! What do you need to enjoy summer? I love the ocean! I never get there, so I have to be content with shells and fish. These items are now in my Etsy store.

This Ocean Blue shell was made from stained glass!
It's a different experience melting stained glass. It's more gooey and viscous. The results can be surprising, I've heard, but so far, so good!

Meet Alex the Wall Eyed Fish! He really wants a new home! Look at how bright and colorful he is. He'd look great as an ornament on a desk or as a pendant. He'd love being the center of attention!

This was my first shell that I made using stained glass. I love the fritted, marbled effect of the glass.
It's called Mystic Green Shell. It's nummy!

Here's Kiss A Me Fish. He'd like a new home, too! I love his lips!

All right, enough of me. Do you have something you want to show off? Leave a link in the comments to your item! Thanks for looking! I can hardly wait for the summer months of sand and sun!


Jenny J-V said...

I'm with you! Sand and sun....please....

Love the melted stained glass shell! What a great experiment!

Here are my latest fiber wrapping over some wooden rings:

Have a great weekend!!!!

Robyn said...

Love your shells! Going to add some to my favorites for future purchases!

Beadwright said...

I do live on the beach and yes there isn't anything quite like a sunny day on the coast. However, if you live in OR as I do the beach is cold and windy even with the sun shine.
I do like your shells though