Thursday, March 11, 2010

She's Mine! I Get to Keep Her!

Sometimes, as a lampworker, you make a bead you really like. In this last year, I have been dabbling with sculptural beads. With a some tips from Marcy Lamberson, I have learned a lot about making these small sculptural beads.

When I made Rose Anna, I was so proud. I had used good heat control--the heat was very low but effective. I made this little ice skater, and I was excited when she went into the kiln to soak and cool.

When Rose Anna came out of the kiln, nice and cool, she soaked in the water a bit, then I pulled out my dremel to clean her. At the first rotation of the dremel, her legs broke. Dang it!

I measured Rose Anna, and she was/is 2 1/4 inches long. I didn't intend to make her that long, but that's the way she chose to be born. She has a mind of her own!

Now, I get to keep her. What did I do wrong? Most likely, there wasn't enough glass when I defined her legs. Doesn't matter. She's mine, and I plan to pull out my E6000 Glue. She's going to be in one piece soon. I think we'll like each other.

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Manuela said...

I guess you concentrated on the eyes and the legs get cold ... poor baby.

Thanks for the smile today ☺