Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shopping Etsy to celebrate Earth Day!

Recycle. Upcycle. Reduce. Reuse. Wear out. Go Green. Save Mother Earth.

The artisans in this blog do just that.

Search Etsy under upcycled or recycled. See what you find.

This cheese holder was made from a slumped wine bottle. How clever is that! This comes from Prairie Coast Art on Etsy.

How about this yarn? It's made from green plastic grocery bags and then spun around a grey wool core. Wow! That is truly recycling. This comes from Kruser's Shop on Etsy.

I found this Stone Washed Denim Memory Bracelet in Mei Gui Designs store on Etsy. She uses recycled jeans to make her fabric beads in this bracelet. Isn't is awesome?

Oh, I love this lariet! It is beautiful! It's made from recycled Sari silk. It's called Rainbow Sari Silk Roses in Spring Time
and you can find it in PLUmFISh Creations
store on Etsy.

This Scott Baio Record Bowl can be found in ChicaLookAte's store on Etsy. Creative to the nth degree!

Now, wasn't that fun? I love to do random searches, and if I had the money, these people would be rich!

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