Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion TuesDay!

Free Shipping in my Etsy store until Mother's Day or around that time. It all depends on when I remember to change it back. The only items where I can't offer free shipping, and I wish I could, are on mandrels!

is a new item in my store. It's a flower button. It's glass. It's lampwork, and it's beautiful! I can see this used on a felted purse! Wouldn't that be beautiful? In the winter, you could move the button to a scarf! I think that would be wonderful!

How about a skull-------------->
with a red hat?
Remember the red hatters of a couple of years ago? Could this be a red hatter who wanted to be buried with her hat? I think she'd be fun being worn as a pendant or added to a red hat!

Need some bright and colorful headpins? Here's a dozen brightly colored headpins. I made them using 20 gauge copper wire. The wires are about 4 inches long. They'd be great for earrings or small pendants. I have to make some with 18 gauge wire. Those would be ideal for your larger pendants.

I added this murrini recently. It's made with Magic glass by Reichenbach. It's their equivalent of raku glass in coe 104. Someone just convo'd me on Etsy suggesting that she would be interested in purchasing some murrini, if she could see some photos of the murrini being used! Yikes! I'm not good at applying and using murrini, but you can bet your buttons, I am going to do that now!

Well, enough for now! Enjoy your Tuesday. Free shipping ends after Mother's Day or as soon as I remember to change it!


SueBeads said...

I really love the button! Great job!

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Sue! I can't believe I had lost it for so long! I really need to get myself organized!

Beadwright said...

Hey nothing to be ashamed of by letting all of us know what is going on in your stores.


Pretty Things said...

I adore the headpins!