Monday, April 19, 2010

I There is Such a Thing as Reincarnation, I want to Come Back as a

Weed! Why you ask? I'll tell you.

Some weeds, no matter what you do,
pull them out, dig them out, use weed killer, stomp them down, and this was done, unknown to me, to this wonderful rhubarb, by the man who was landscaping my yard, even though I told him to leave it alone, but he didn't like the rhubarb, so...
and it
CAME BACK! ----------------------->
Nothing can stop a weed!

Weeds can be some of the first flowers of the season and
others leave skeletons for harvest and enjoyment throughout the year.

Weeds have evolved unique ways to propagate their species. These sticky the pods catch the fur of animals and the seeds are spread all over the country side.

Weeds grow and thrive where they are planted, even if it's not the best place for any plant to grow. Not every plant can develop flowers when they are planted in weak soil.

Some weeds are called Miracles. This Miracle Bulb will be the first bit of foliage to shoot through the ground. Some people might even mistake these shoots for daffodil leaves, and wonder why they don't bloom. The foliage will die and in a month shoot a flower up from the bulb. This flower stands alone. It's fragrance pierces the air with sweetness. That's a weed!

Weeds have their own defense system. Try grabbing this one with your hand to pull it out of the ground. OUCH! Use your gloves! OUCH!
Weeds are tough.

Sometimes their lives are short, but their beauty captures your attention when they thrive. They come back year after year to bring you joy.

The DNA of their strong ancestors continues long after the ancient ones have died. It's hard to bring down a weed!

Hmmmm: Hard to kill. Strong defenses. Rises when others are killed. Blossoms where it is planted. Prickly.

Wait! Could it be? I think I am a weed!

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Patty said...

Interesting weeds you have, Mallory! The one you call "Miracle Bulb" looks like the one we have out here that goes by the name of "Naked Ladies". In the amaryllis family, I think. Ours are light pink and delightful to look at when blooming.

I love your violets!