Monday, April 12, 2010

On Skulls and Such

I don't know why it is, but there are times in bead making when I get "stuck" making a certain bead. For a while it was spacers that I made, endless strings of spacers. Then, there were the discs. I made endless strings of discs. Next came the eyes. I made one eye bead after another. Well, now, it's skulls and murrini. You've seen my murrini, and soon, you will see my skulls. Today, I want to show you some amazing skulls. Believe me, mine are nowhere near this great. The skulls you will see come from Sharon Driscoll's Etsy Shop, Right Turn Art Werks. Sharon makes some amazing beads, and then there are her skulls! Let 's take a peek!

I Belong to the Skully Club!

This is a wonderful pendant full of beads and an emblem for the Skully Cub!

Now, I want you to notice all the detail on this tiny skull. Look at those teeth.
I made a skull today, and I remembered seeing a skull with teeth, somewhere! Guess what! Sharon makes skulls with teeth. Mine weren't as good! I will show mine later, much later.
This skull is called: Bitty Skull.
I love Sharon's use of color and detail in her skulls.

Sharon, I need some lessons, please!

Ah, the best for last!
Fancy Face Baby

Sharon makes fabulous use of color in this skull, too! She made roses, and used murrini for an eye. She added hearts. All I can say is:

Take a closer look at Sharon's Etsy store. I want one of Dem Bones, but she didn't have any listed. Maybe at the Bead and Button Show? Bring some, Sharon. I just realized I don't have any of your beads. I'll bring some cash to the Bead and Button. You bring the beads!


Beadwright said...

OK so Sharon has had more experience than you have. I know that your skulls are just as beautiful and detailed. When do I get to see them????


rosebud101 said...

I plan to post some of my skulls sometime this week, I hope. however, my skulls are no where near as great as Sharon's are. Her's are phenomenal!