Saturday, April 17, 2010

Storms - A New Etsy Treasury on Treasury West

This treasury turned out much better than I had anticipated it would. It's named Storms, and it's on Treasury West. I am amazed at how each artist interprets the theme.

1) Thunderstorms - Hand dyed Superwash Sock Yarn by Naturally Spun on Etsy

2) Big Hole Bead Storm II Necklace Bead by Giapet on Etsy

3) Storm Watch by Dave's Homemade Candles on Etsy

4) Multi assorted colors by Bead Addicts on Etsy

5) Storm Lampwork Shards by Purple Lily Designs on Etsy

6) Storms and Pearls by Monas Lampwork on Etsy

7) Thunderstorms are amazing button by bean forest on Etsy

8) Stormy Monday by TDruin on Etsy

9) Stormy Skies Hand Crochet Scarf by Gypsy that I was on Etsy

10) Magic Carpet Ride by AK Designs on Etsy

11) Springtime Thunderstorms by Ebrown2503

12) Bermuda Triangles by Toni Lutman on Etsy

Hats off to these fabulous artists, even in a storm!

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Beadwright said...

Very nice. It turned out really great.