Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer Elegance Etsy Treasury

Another treasury! I'm not sure it will be there when you would like to visit, but it's called Summer Elegance. I will post links to all the items. You will enjoy what you see in this mini version of this treasury.

1) Adriana White Silk Flower Hair Clip by Piper Riley

2) Ribbons of White by Silver River Glass Works

3) Sweet Summer Dreams in Beige by Eight Seasons

4) Noopy the Dog by May Beads

5) White Shimmer Romantic Rose by Bride Couture

6) White Balloonimal by Cindy Lynne Glass

7) White Unforgettable Ruffles Shrug by Reflections Byds

8) Treasure Beads Alice by Valley Creek Studios

9) Raw Silk Wrapped Cuff 3 by Designer 135

10) Glass Sea Shell by One Heart Art

11) Simply Elegant Star Gazer by Sound Bound Studio

12) Pretty White Kitty Cat by GirlFriday 1962

Take my word for this, you will enjoy visiting their stores. Each artist has a wonderful collection of items that show their amazing talents!

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