Monday, November 1, 2010

Bernadette Fuentes, Master Artist and Teacher

I'd like to introduce you to Bernadette Fuentes, master artist, teacher, one of the most creative glass artists I have ever met.
I recently took an online class at
That class was titled: Flameworked Off Mandrel Hand,
it was taught by Bernadette.
Now, I don't have my hand to show you,
I need to watch the class again.
I have 11 times more to watch it in the next year.
I think I am going to need all of those viewings.
Bernadette makes something that is very difficult look very easy.
This tutorial is absolutely wonderful!
Bernadette explains each step completely.
However, there is a significant difference in her abilities and mine.
I need to watch the class more times so that I can make an off mandrel hand.

Now, Bernadette did send me some photos of her hands.
because I have a quick delete hand,
I accidentally deleted it.
My next option was to photograph the hand I own
and show that to you.
So, I did.
In structure,
it is the same hand.
The colors are different.
I love my BF hand!
If you check out Bernadette's web site,
you'll be able to see
the hand that she teaches.
It is awesome
very reasonably priced.
Bernadette also offers another class on
The class is called
Clear Encased Flower Bead.
That class is next on my list of online classes.
enjoy the photos I was able to steal from
Bernadette's Facebook Page.

Master artist!

Amazing Beads

Master Teacher!


angelinabeadalina said...

You are so lucky-- you have that gorgeous hand in lovely blues and greens, with the spiral, *and* you are going to be making hands with your own style, too! Lucky *and* talented!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Bernadette was one of my first inspirations when I began lampworking and to then meet her and find out she was such a nice person on top of that was just like frosting on the cake!

Jinx Garza said...

Bernadette is one of my most favorite people in the world! I have several of her pieces and am endlessly inspired by each one. She is so wise and generous too. Love her to pieces!

rosebud101 said...

That is so true, Jinx! Bernadette is amazing!

bernadette fuentes said...

Thank you for all the great compliments. I certainly do appreciate them. You sure do humble me.... Thank you Mallory for posting the Tutorial form Craftedu. Looking forward to seeing the hands you make.