Saturday, November 27, 2010

Look What I found When I was Cleaning Out my Drawer!!

If the truth be told, I really wasn't cleaning out my drawer.
I was actually looking for something in my old sewing cabinet when I found them!
I didn't remember them being there, but
when I pushed the papers aside,
I saw them.
What did I see--
these beautiful vintage buttons!

They've been hidden in this drawer for years.
When I quit sewing, aka, quilting,
I closed the drawer like a part of my life.
Seldom did I open the drawer, and if I did, it was only to put papers in there.
See them off to the side?
When I pushed aside the wad of papers,
I saw those amazing buttons!
I think you deserve to take a better look at them.

I don't think these photos do them justice. They are more beautiful than this.
Look at the large, beige flower.
It is so beautiful!
I'm beginning to think: Possibilities!

See those little pink flowers with gold trim? I wish you could hold them in your hand.
They are amazing!
See the blue, frosted buttons next to them?
I'm thinking: earrings.

See that set of blue buttons? Their color is closer to denim than periwinkle blue.
See those frosted blue buttons next to the denim buttons?
I want them!
The translucent green buttons are my favorite in this batch of buttons!
There are so many possibilities!
I think I need to start cleaning out drawers.
The feeling is beginning to grow on me.
I wonder what else I'll find?


Beadwright said...

yeahhhh great find. I love the re discovering of old items stuck in drawers and boxes. Have a great weekend.

TesoriTrovati said...

I love happy accidents like that. Let's see what you do with them.
Enjoy the day!

Courtney said...

Awesome! Such a treasure and oh, the potential!!! Have fun playing.

Jen V. said...

What a great surprise! The thing I love best about this post is that there are so many pictures of buttons...I love being a part of a world where it's okay to take a ton of pictures of something like buttons. :) My grammy was a tailor for many, many years, so I have a stash of buttons but most of mine are from men's clothing, so they're not quite as exciting. Maybe it's time for a photo shoot! haaaaaaaa

Leah said...

wow! I am so impressed with your button discovery! Those are awesome - and they are big! I wonder what they will become...

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a fun, inspirational find! I'm sure you can come up with all sorts of creative things to do with the buttons.