Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now, with the Xmas Rush Underway, Let's take a look at my Etsy store

Black Friday is quickly approaching!
It's so much easier to shop from the comfort of home than it is to go to the Mall,
Fight the Crowds,
Wait to pay,
Glare at the person who took the parking spot you wanted,
Slip on the Ice,
Fight the snow,
Realize, you forgot your checkbook at home,
do you feel your stress levels rising?
I do.
That's why this year, I'm shopping on line as much as I can.
Since you are reading this,
You might want to look at my Etsy store.

I do have jewelry!
This piece was made with repurposed beads.
Fun to do and fun to wear!

Isn't this little turtle sweet?
He needs a new forever home.
He's in my store now,
and he's willing to live with you.
He's quiet as a mouse!

Now these snowbirds are so noisy!
They make so much noise!
They didn't want to migrate with the other snow birds,
so they are in my shop
chirp, chirp, chirping away.
Don't you need a snow bird?

This is the perfect gift.
Have a heart!
It's a beautiful, organic heart for the love of your life!
You can find it here.

See how easy on line shopping is.
Now, tell the truth.
How man of you shopped in your jammies?
I wrote this in my jammies, but don't tell!
Hope to see you soon in my shop!

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