Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who would'a thunk?

There's something new here!
Who'd a Thunk?
It's the middle of winter,
Only 26 more shopping days until Christmas.,
in our town,
There's a fireworks show!
Who'd a Thunk?
Enjoy the show!
Look for the question at the end of the show!
It's not a test, just a chance to get to know you better!

Now, what's the most unusual thing you've seen or done this close to Christmas!
This is it for me!


Deb said...

Most unusual...I'm not sure.
Going to a funeral 6 days before Christmas wasn't high on my list of 'normal'!
Having a wedding 7 days before Christmas isn't on my list of brilliant ideas either.

I once went skinny dipping on Christmas Eve - that would have been pretty unusual for any unsuspecting witnesses...or perhaps horrifying might be a better description !!

However we celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on 5th November, so fireworks relatively close to Christmas is pretty standard here.

Patty said...

I attended my brother's wedding...on the Solstice. :-)