Thursday, November 11, 2010

What a Rare Creature We Have in Our Midst

Here in Minnesota, we have a rare creature in our midst.
The technical name for this creature is
snowbirdis autumninus springus.
These birds, native to Minnesota and other cold states,
begin their annual migrations
just as the spring winds begin to blow
and when the warmth of summer ends.
They fly quickly across the country to warmer climates.
We, who live here through the cold winters, simply call them
I just thought that you might like to meet a few of them.
One is already listed in my Etsy store.
I hope to get the others listed very soon.
This is our orangellis snowbirdellis springus and fallus.
We just call him Jake.
You can find Jake in my Etsy store if he doesn't decide to head south for the winter very soon.
I think he's found a bit of snow cover for now,
but I know he wants to be warm!

Now, this is Lulu. She's blue because she hasn't left yet, and she wants to get warm again.
I hope to get Lulu listed very soon in my Etsy store.
Keep your eyes open because she might fly away very quickly!
She's a blueellis snowbirdis autumnus springus.
She won't be back until the snow melts.

Homer wants to stick around until after Thanksgiving.
He's a bit warmer because he's encased.
However, the snow will make him long for the warmth of Florida, Arizona, New Mexico.
Well, you get the picture.
Homer will be in my store soon.
He's an
Amberellis snowbirdis autumnus springus.
Look for him soon in my Etsy store.
Now, I'm off to dream about the upcoming winter, and I'm imagining
tall coconut trees, a warm beach, white sands.

If you could fly like these snowbirds,
where would you fly to?
I'm seriously thinking
the ocean.
That would be nice!


Pretty Things said...

So cute!

Julianna Cannon said...

How cute are they!? Super cute! You and I and Leann at Summer's Studio should open an aviary. :~)

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Lori and Juls! Juls, let's do that! I love your birds, too!

Patty said...

They're adorable, Mallory!

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Patty!

angelinabeadalina said...

I love Homer! They are all so cute, Mallory! Your scientific names for them are so cute, and then to add Homer or Lulu or Jake for short-- that's just too cute!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Sooooooooooooo cute!!! Strange just yesterday I had a sighting of Kiddus Homeius from Schooool Day offiei....but they are no where in sight.