Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday: There are the Beads this week, well sort of

I made a quick trip to Michael's today with Nick.
Well, I thought it was a very quick trip.
Nick was waiting in the car.
He thought I got lost.
Just goes to show how two people can look at the same event in different ways.
I found the red and white beads you see in the photo.
I also pulled out my tin and aluminum to make something for the
(A blog will follow on that later.)

I like what I made.
I think you will, too, when I show it.
It's just nice to know that now that Jenny is home from the hospital,
I can get back to beading and making beads and being creative.
I was trying to explain this need to the social worker at the hospital.
I'm not sure she truly understood how I felt.
For me,
the process of creating
is a physical, mental, and spiritual need.
I'm glad to be back to it!

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