Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Walk Back From Lunch on the University of Minnesota Campus

Lunch was delicious at Sally's today.
The heat and humidity didn't deter people from enjoying the meals served there.
Sally's is a short walk from the hospital.
Rather than take the car,
we walked back to the hospital.
Like most concrete structures,
the sidewalk was cool in the shade and very warm in the sun.  This was one of our hottest days of the year!

There were gardens that had just been planted.

See the dorm room behind this tree?  I wonder what secrets this old tree has seen.

 The sun was beating down on our part of the earth today, but it's heat was welcome, at least, to me.

 This was a cool place to sit and rest.

And, even though, the students are mostly gone for the summer, the bike rack still bragged of its bikes.
Look at this great tree near the hospital.  Can you imagine the students who have sit here and dreamed?
Studied and cried?  Met and broke up? 
Oh, what this tree has seen.
It's also seen its share of construction in the summer.   Note the orange cones in the distance.

 Then, it's back to the hospital.  I wish I knew all the stories this hospital can tell.  So many would be sad, but so many would be stories of joy and hope.
For me, right now, it's lemons and lemonaide.
I hope you enjoyed the walk.

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Thanks for sharing your walk ttfn L:)