Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Time for Jewelry - That and a Preview!

This is the necklace I made to honor my daughter who has a blood cancer called
multiple myeloma.
I love this necklace, and I wear it almost everyday.
Jenny can't wear jewelry in the transplant ward,
but I don't think she'd want to with the way she has been feeling anyway.
I made all the glass beads.
This red is Lauscha transparent red medium.
It's my favorite red.
It's also the color that reminded me of healthy red blood cells.
Lori Anderson, of 
Pretty Things,
suggested making a bracelet to remember this event.
Since her suggestion,
I have been looking for found objects to make a charm bracelet.
I have not been very successful with that endeavor.
To date, I have found.......
I probably just need to think out of the box more, 
my brain being what it is right now,
just doesn't want to go there!
for now,
exit found objects
enter, again,
needle felting.
Here's a preview.

I have an idea, but, whether or not I can make it work,
well, we'll just have to see.
Check back later.
We both might be surprised!


Lisa @FishyFaceDesigns said...

I admire your courage and the necklace you made is truly so special... You are all in my prayers,
Take care.

Pretty Things said...

I love it! And red is a tough color to find.

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Lori! I tried my idea out for the bracelet. It's going to take a lot more creative medic than I have in my arsenal right now. I'll have to make myself dream about it, maybe.