Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'd be a big, fat  liar if I said that Jenny's stem cell transplant was not stressful for all of us.
One of the things I have missed, and missed terribly,
is the ability to work creatively.
Anything I took to the hospital had to be small and portable.
What I wanted to do, such as, work with metals and wire,
would require carrying and using, at least, one tool box, and, most likely, two of them.
Not only that,
the work would be noisy and not appropriate for a hospital setting,
much less a setting in which things should be sterile.
 My tools are not sterile or very portable.
So, tonight, since Jenny's counts are falling, as they should, and she is so tired,
Nick and I came home early.
All I did was cut out discs,
and that seemed to be enough.
Some creative juices flowed,
I have a couple of ideas now,
it was a wonderful feeling!
I think that I'll be able to face tomorrow more easily than I would have had I not cut out discs.
I feel better,
that's all that counts.


Anonymous said...

sometimes all it takes is a small amount. so glad it helped.

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Mara ella. You are so right!