Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Putting it together - What I've been doing with some of the polymer clay

I started out with these wood grained looking polymer clay nuggets that I made.
I added some veined quartz,
what was supposed to be a toggle, but I decided to let dangle.
I made a brass hook and eye.
I also made brass wire links for the bracelet.
Here's the final product.
If the quartz looks pink, it's not.  It's white.  This bracelet is big and chunky, and it's going to be fun to wear.

I made two of these smiling guys.  They will come back better later.
I decided that one would be enough for a pendant,
but I might take it all apart later anyway, 
here's the result.
Just a pendant, but, you what, These two guys might make a fun pair of earrings.
We shall see what happens!
I had a few left over from this set.
These are in my Etsy store now.
I was going to make a funky, lightweight pair of earrings, instead,
these discs wanted to be reborn in a bracelet.
Here's the final result!
That white quartz sure looks pink to me!  It's really white, though!
I paired the white quartz, the pink discs, and some crystal large holed beads.
This is one cool bracelet!
How about these headpins?
I really like them.
It's hard for me not to have headpins around, and I love them!
I just listed these in my Etsy store now.

This is actually a pendant.  I didn't do anything more than this and list it in my Etsy store.
This would look great on a chain for casual summer to fall wear!
I had extras of these.
They are listed in my Etsy Store.
So I made myself some fun earrings!
I think I'm going to enjoy wearing them!

Well, that's it for now.
What's your favorite medium to work with?
What have you done with your work?


Marian Hertzog said...

Love what you are up to! Especially the purple and green bead bracelet!

angelinabeadalina said...

I love the LAUGH pendant!!

Anonymous said...

cool stuff; i love those headpins! i should start playing with polymer clay since metal clay is so expensive.

rosebud101 said...

Marbella, I think you'd really enjoy poly clay!!!!