Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Heart Macro! - This, That, and the Other!


Outside, the sun is HOT and the air is STEAMY.
Notice the reflection to the upper right of the sun.

An outside garden has erupted into a vision of fungus!
Truly beautiful!

Summer is maturing, and the thistle is beginning to bloom.

A leaf has become lace, destroyed by an unseen enemy, but the resulting skeleton, is a piece of lace.

Inside, Walter the ever curious cat, inspects the fabric from my photo tent.

All is well in the world right now.


Patty said...

The leaf is my favorite!

kimmykats said...

The fur babies here always help take photo's....I really like the leaf skeleton and the fungus looks like a flower in the thumbnail. Fun pictures.

Liberty Forman said...

I like the fungus shot most, but then I am attracted to the unusual (with the exception of my wife... she is original, but not odd). I would however make a cautionary comment regarding electronics... be careful pointing your camera at the sun. You can burn out the sensor that way.