Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art is Everywhere!

This beautiful woman is a member of the church that I have been attending since I have been at Jenny's.  I've seen her there, and I finally asked her about her art.
Isn't her head dress amazing?  Although we didn't talk for very long, I found out that she folds her head dress herself.  I am amazed as I look at that work of wearable art, and see all the folds and tucks.  Each one supports the other so that, in the end, she has created an amazing head dress that stands alone.

How she does that, I don't know, but her work is truly art in every sense of the word.  She looks beautiful!!


Miss Val's Creations said...

That is amazing! I would have no clue how to fold and create such a head dress! ~Val

rosebud101 said...

Val, it absolutely is AMAZING! Since I don't know her, I didn't ask if she would let me shoot her from the back. You should see the folding there. The fabric is very thin and fragile looking! It's truly and art form!

Beadwright said...

I agree a beautful woman.

Laney said...

WOW stunning!! I remember driving through London (by mistake, my sense of direction is awful!) I was looking for a toilet for my young son, and we saw the most beautiful woman in African dress, those colours wow, they sung against her skin colour, her head dress was elegant and big, like your lady, it was worth getting lost in London just to see her, we are not very multi cultural here in Hereford UK, too rural for much more than sheep and cows!! Thanks for sharing your photo.