Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Etsy Treasury - You gotta' love that Glass!!!!

I used to be the Queen of Treasury making
in the days when treasuries were on a timer,
and you had to wait, wait, wait until...
well, it seems that when Etsy changed its treasury system,
I sort of lost interest.
However, I have decided, that
it's time to start making treasuries again.  
Here is the one I most recently created.
Click HERE,
and it will take you directly to the treasury.
Please comment and click.
This treasury would look great on Etsy's front page!
once you are there,
you can click on each photo and visit each artist's store.
You'll see many more wonderful works of art in their stores.
Now, get going!

I couldn't make the screen shot any bigger.
Sorry about that.
I hope you still enjoy the visit!