Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When it Comes to Flowers

I don't know a lot about them.
I just know I like them.  They not only delight the eye, they inspire my work.

Look at this Morning Glory,
still blooming in the afternoon. 
I didn't know they did that.
Look at the colors, too.  They blend so well, and there was no effort in that.
The white is singed with pink and a background of green.

Some flowers trail and blend right into those rough, tough, wild  raspberries!
Those red dots of raspberry add to the color in the scene.  They make the other colors pop.

Then there's the sweet purple clover.
The fragrance can be smelled from a short distance away.  I always have to stop and let the fragrance envelop me before Pixie and I continue on our walk.
Look at the deep lavender of the clover and how it melts into the white then jumps out of the green.

Yellow, brown, white, pink, purple!  Look at how mother nature blends the colors in this small field of flowers.
I wish we could enjoy flowers all year long in Minnesota, but, unless we go to a florist or an indoor garden area, we can't, so now, the patterns and colors are being born.  Each of these pallettes would make a beautiful bead or piece of jewelry. 

If these flowers inspire you, send me a photo of what you made, and I'll write a blog about you!

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