Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All I can Say is Poor Pixie!

Yesterday, I took Pixie to the vet for her annual teeth cleaning.
All went well.
When I went to pick her up,
I noticed she wouldn't lay down in the car.
She was also yelping.
They told me she might have a little bloody discharge from her mouth.
Imagine my surprise when we got home, and I found blood on the couch and on her leg.
the vet was still open, so I took her back.
The gouge required 12 stitches to close.
We don't know what happened.
I know that no one tried to hurt her.
Most likely, she was thrashing in her cage when she was coming out of the anesthetic.
No one saw the injury when we left.
I didn't notice it either.
I'm just glad that she's okay.
Here are her pictures.

That injury took 12 stitches to close.

Poor Pixie was so out of it that she couldn't keep her head up to breathe.
I had to lift her head up to keep her breathing.

 pillow helped to keep her head up when I wasn't with her.
Poor Pixie!!!
She's feeling better now!
I'm glad!


nicole said...

Im srry but i hope the vet is paying that part of your bill..there responsible for her care when there with her..I hope pixie feels better..

Courtney said...

oh! i am so sorry. the whole anesthesia thing is so tough on them. glad she is ok.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Okay here, now I want to be angry for her - poor Pixie Marie. I hope the vet did not charge you to stitch her up. They need to be more aware of their furbabies. If a doctor had discharged you like that would you sue? ACK - Sorry Mallory, I'm not angry with you. Animals and children can't speak for themselves and it makes me crazy when they are in pain or hurt needlessly. Hug Pixie for me and give her an extra treat.

susanc said...

Poor Pixie. :( Sweet dog, I hope you are feeling better now. xxx

Glaszwerg said...

OMG, poor doggie! Hugs Doris

Kokopelli said...

Poor Pixie! Glad she's better now. It's so sad when something happens to our pets.

Patty said...

Oh no! Unexplained injuries at the vet? That doesn't sound right, and I'd be angry like Sharon says.

Feel better soon, Miss Pixie. Bodie says "woof".