Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Getting Ready for Winter

So, I made this drop spindle...
I found the instructions HERE. 
Why you ask?
Well, I'm not sure spinning yarn is really something I want to learn.
I've watched YouTube videos, and I'm just not sure.
So, I made this drop spindle for about $2.
Not much of an investment at this point.
When will I use it?
Soon, when it gets colder.
Spinning looks like fun, and it certainly is interesting.
I'm fascinated that a spinner can take roving and turn that roving into yarn.
I also learned a new term when it comes to spinning...plying.
That sounds interesting, too.
So, one goal for winter.
Try out spinning.
Stay tuned.

I also dyed a little bit of cheesecloth yesterday.
Why you ask?
I plan to learn more about felting, particularly nuno felting.
I've never tried it, but it looks very physical and an interesting way to express oneself in fiber.  
Using only small amounts of roving, a felter works the fibers through the cheesecloth or any porous fiber.
Silk is supposed to be the best, but before I try silk, I'm trying cheesecloth.
Stay tuned.  I've very excited about this!
As it gets colder, I will be trying my hand at nuno felting.

So what are you doing that's new?
Is this a part of your creative growth?
Let's hear all about it!


susanlambert said...

It will be fun to see what you do with this! Isn't it odd how when it gets cold out, thoughts go to fiber arts? knitting etc. Very enterprising to make your own drop spindle!

Beadwright said...

When it starts to get cold I tend to do more sculpting than anything. Stop by my blog for a Maggie Meister book giveaway.