Monday, October 24, 2011

We're Home!

I'd love to say that the bead show was an overwhelming success, but I can't.
It was, however, successful.
I was able to pay my fees for this show and for the spring show.
Both sales and attendance were down, but the sales I made were big ones.
I didn't see my usual customers there.
I don't know why, but they weren't there, or they didn't stop by.
That's okay.
I made some new friends, too.
The time spent at the show was enjoyable!
I guess you can't ask for much more than that.
So, onto some new and better things.
Today, I begin an online class with Stephanie Lee.
I also hope to make a drop spindle and dye some cheesecloth so that I can learn how to nuno felt.  I also have two more shows coming up.  They are smaller, but they are profitable, usually.  We'll see what the economy does.
So, talk to you tomorrow.
I might just take a nap right now.

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