Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just a bit of Eye Candy

I hope you enjoy this!

This is one of my favorite pieces.  I made the beads using polymer clay!  It's so much fun to wear.
I made this necklace in Sara Sally LaGrand's class at the Bead and Button show two years ago.
Love it!

I just wanted to use up some supplies I had.  I think this necklace turned out very nicely!

I made this necklace to honor my daughter who has multiple myeloma.
The red stands for all the healthy blood cells she has in her body now.

I made this necklace as part of a challenge for a blog.  I ended up keeping it.
I really like it!

I hope you enjoyed the show!  Now, I just have to figure out where the pink reflection came from.  I think it was my bright pink shirt!  I have to shoot these again!  
Oh, well!


Beadwright said...

beautiful pieces. The shots look great even with the pink!

Kim said...

Love the red one and the support you always show for Jenny! :)