Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chalcedony by Gaffer

It's on my to do list: Order Chalcedony glass from Gaffer, but it's still not been done. Of course, there are other things on my to do list, but we won't mention them here, and they're not done either. I really hope to get my glass ordered this week! However, I was lucky enough to find KnattyDreadz on Etsy who has beautiful shards made from Chalcedony, and those I did order when he first opened his store. How do I say this? I LOVE CHALCEDONY! There was a learning curve for me, but once I got it, by golly, I got it.

This is the first bead I made using the Chalcedony shards and murrini I ordered from KnattyDreadz. I underworked the shards. The colors were only beginning to pop when I put the bead in the kiln. I wondered if the colors would explode in the kiln. They didn't, but I am still happy with this beads. I used the shards on a base of dark ivory.

Bead 2 I worked in the hot flame for a longer time. The shards encircled the bead. In the open area, I added a murrini. The colors were starting to pop there when I put the bead in the kiln.

This is my favorite bead using the Chalcedony shards. I used a base of black. Veins and flames of color exploded in this bead. I think I like this glass! I'd like to write more, but the pizza just arrived. I have to go eat. This bead is so nummy, I could eat it, but I'd rather wear it!


angelinabeadalina said...

Wowza, you and Deb are really rocking that Chalcedony! I do love the explosion of pinks and oranges, Mrs. M!

kelleysbeads said...

Mallory, these beads with the chalcedony shards are soooo cool! Now I have something new on my mental To Buy list :)

Jo Hoffacker said...

Oh wow, you are getting great colors with it!

Sue Choppers-Wife / http://ninedragons.1000markets.com said...

so help us non-glass artisans out...what exactly is Chalcedony? I love these beads...can you do this on your little bottles too?

rosebud101 said...

Sue, I should have made myself clear for those readers who are fantastic artists like you are, but who do not work in glass. Chaceldony is a new glass made by Gaffer. When worked properly, the glass explodes with colors that are not on the surface when someone begins to work the glass in the flame. In this case, I used shards, which are thin pieces of blown glass, and added them to my basic bead. The colors truly exploded with this glass. It is amazing!

gaffergirls.com said...

amazing colors..
have a great week.
mona & the girls

Deb said...

Beeeautiful Ms M! You certainly got those pinks & oranges to pop!

I'm wondering if the colours are slightly different when the glass is pulled from rod instead of cane.

Can't wait until I get to play with Knatty's shards :o)

Maggie said...

Gorgeous! Have been trying to ignore the fact that this glass exists, but I may have to open my eyes and wallet.

Knatty Dreadz' said...

Beautiful beads Mallory! I see Chalcedony likes you too :)