Friday, April 17, 2009

The Perfect Garden

When you live in Minnesota, you expect a long winter, a short fall, a very short spring, and a medium length summer. Usually, at the first sign of a warm day, the true gardeners are outside raking and cleaning up the gardens to get ready for the first planting, the first tulip, the first day when they can be outside puttering in their beautiful gardens. I am not one of those gardeners. I'd be happy just watching my garden grow from afar.

Knowing this, I had to ask myself, what would be the perfect garden for me. Here are pictures of my garden as it looks right now.

In my perfect garden, there would be flowers blooming all the time--even in winter. Winter would not kill the perfect rosebush or make it go dormant. Flowers would bloom all year long.

Some bushes and plants would have two different types of flowers on them. They would bloom profusely and never go dormant.

This rosebush, which has been in the same place in the garden for over 20 years, would bloom profusely. In the twenty years it has been here, it has bloomed only one time, and that was for my daughter's graduation. The flowers were bountiful and fragrant. Since then, the rosebush has not bloomed again.

My beautiful little herb garden would never need weeding. (Actually, none of my garden would ever need weeding!) The herbs would overflow with their pungent fragrances and taste. Now, that would be awesome!

The perfect garden would also have the perfect gardener. That would be Raul with his shirtless body steaming in the sun. His muscles rippling as he plunged the shovel into the garden----Wait!

Wrong fantasy! Oh, well, at least you know what my perfect garden would be like!


Louise said...

Hahah, I enjoyed your description of your perfect garden Mallory - if only eh? I do like your weed barrier, I'm not much of a gardener either and I always seem to get sucked into a certain type of garden when we move, and then realise I'd never have the wherewithal to actually make it look the way it does in my mind. Perhaps when you've finished with Raul you could send him up here to do some raking and weeding for me! ;o)

Deb said...

Oh my - your perfect garden sounds like my perfect garden!

Only I'd have shirtless Raul with his shovel, tight denim shorts clad Sergio mowing the lawns & my pool boy would be Omar....

Right Fantasy where is my halo?

Sue Choppers-Wife / said...

Hey...send Raul back! :D