Thursday, April 23, 2009

At Last! Signs of Spring!

At last!
There are true signs of Spring!
Take note.

Rhubarb. It's not big enough to pick, but it will be ready soon!

I was shocked to find these in the lawn already!

The sweet, gentle violet, should be one of the first blooms of spring. Soon, very soon.

Here's Spike by his tree.

I can hardly wait!


angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, I liked wandering around your yard looking at the signs of spring-- thanks for the virtual tour, and please let the Spike Man know I scritched behind his ears :)

Deronda designs... said...

Ooh, isn't it wonderful. It seems like winter lasted a long, long time.

Deb said...

Yum - Rhubarb!!

(yuk at the dandelions though! lol!)

Violets are so sweet....I miss having a real garden.
Just look at Spike under his tree - you can see he loves it there :o)

YAY Spring has come for Ms M!

Genie Sea said...

Exciting indeed! :)

Samma said...

OOOOH! Let me know when the rhubarb pie is ready...I'll be right there! Samma