Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beads for Beads of Courage

Here are some of the beads I have made for Beads of Courage. At the end of May, I hope to have another box of beads ready for mailing. I try to wire wrap the butterflies before sending, but I'm not always able to do that. These butterflies are ready to go.
They will be give to parents who have lost a child. Beads of Courage has stated that they use about 1,000 butterflies each year. Yes, it's sad. I can only hope that these little glass beads will bring a modicum of comfort to a family that has suffered such a great loss.

One of my goals this year is to make beads for some of the older children who are in the Beads of Courage program. As a former high school teacher, the older children are very dear to my heart. I've started to ask for suggestions to make beads that might be appropriate for some of the older children. Today, I made "worry stones" for some of the older children.
I made them in bright colors and with lots of texture. I always feel comforted when I can feel texture.

Now, if you have any suggestions for beads to make for older children, please feel free to leave comments to let me know. I need more inspiration.

Beyond this, I did ask one of my former colleagues, an art teacher at the high school where I taught, to ask her students what kinds of beads they thought would be appropriate for kids their age undergoing the various treatments for their illnesses. Here are some of their answers:

Bright colors, retro things...Pink/lime green, Peace symbols, mushrooms, fairies, hearts, love
Sports things...footballs, baseballs, MN Vikings, soccer balls, etc.

Looks like I've got a lot to keep me going. Feel free to add to the list! I would appreciate it!


Lauren said...

Your butterflies are gorgeous, Mallory. They will be cherished.
As for teens, I was going to suggest peace signs (but you got that already). My nieces are 16, and they still like the little critters and cupcakes. I think no matter what age, kids have certain interests and they gravitate toward those things, even if they seem childish to us. I would imagine pet-themed beads would be important for any age if the child is in the hospital and can't see their dog or cat or bird or fish.
I agree abut texture, especially for worry stones - those are great, Mallory!

Malik said...

My Daughter, Ayana Ali was a beads of courage kid. She was called to glory at 2 years old and after fighting a one year battle against AML Lukemia. While going thru all the chemo, labs, MRI's, scans, blood work, and hundreds of other test. The high light to her week was turning in her check sheet at the nurses station and being handed a bag full of beautiful beads. She would have the biggest smile on her face. "We wore her beads proudly, as if a part of/ no, because she Wa part of an exclusive group of individuals. She was a Cancer Kid. I have received the butter fly, and wear it with her beads when ever I leave the house. Thank you so much for being a part of a childs life and giving them hope without even knowing them. M. Ali. In honor of Ayana-Sebri, "Tootie," Ali R. I. P. April 22, 2007- December 3, 2009

Pretty Things said...

What a wonderful cause. I look forward to the day when I'm good enough to contribute.