Thursday, May 27, 2010

WoooHoooo! I'm now starting to carry VINTAJ products in my Etsy Store!

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that I am now carrying VINTAJ products in my Etsy store.

I only have five products listed at this time, but more will follow as I take the photographs and list.

Here's what I have now.

This is the Queen Dragonfly. She's so pretty in my hand!

Isn't this Whimsical Fairy Sweet?

Everyone needs Bead Cones. These are a lovely filigree!

Right now, I only have two toggles in my store, but I will be adding more. This is the one I call Fancy.

This is the other toggle I have. I think it looks rustic. It's just a square toggle though.

I'm off. As I write this, it's really time for bed. Good night!

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